Consumable Supplies for Hospitals, Clinics, Private Practices and Pharmacies
Alpha-Tech's Healthcare Division covers a wide range of Lebanon's heatlhcare sector needs in terms of consumable and disposable supplies through the distributorship agreements it currently holds.

To maintain the high quality and reliability, that is imperative in the healthcare sector, Alpha-Tech only represents the global leading supply partners in their respective specialties.

The categories and product ranges that Alpha-Tech covers are listed below. To see more details, please click on the item of interest. If you do not find the product range you require listed below, please contact us as new product ranges may not be updated here yet.

•  Disinfectants & Hygiene
•  Dispensers & Accessories
•  Protection Kits
•  Patient Apparel
•  Protective Apparel
•  Staff Apparel
•  Bathing
•  Hair Clippers
•  Incontinence Care
•  Drapes, Sheets & Towels
•  Procedure Packs & Trays
•  OR Basics
•  Bandages & Tapes
•  Cleansers & Solutions
•  Dressings & Gauze
•  Lotions & Moisturizers
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